AN EXCITING New Mentoring Program For Girls Ages 5-16 ONLINE!
Relevaid offers monthly sessions and a 12-week Online Virtual Mentoring Program where every young girl engages in a progressive strategy with each session. Each session supports her discovery of passion, dreams and potential. She will learn healthy ways to face her fears and build self-esteem. She will also learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, how to budget and save, and more!

Let me tell you, she will not be the same!

A Relevaid experience is a fun and exciting journey that is life changing.
We understand that every child is different. That is why the structure and curriculum of this program is designed to make an impressive impact by assuring through the pre-assessment that each child will receive a “tailor-made” approach towards addressing relative topics and discussions as it relates to their age and demographic.

Here’s What Young Girls of Relevaid Will Receive:

1 Month Session $197
This session covers:
  • Confidence Building
  • Peer Relationship Building
  • Self Healing
  • 1 Month Session $197
    This session covers:
  • Manners/Table Manners
  • Greetings, Salutations
  • Respect & Consideration
  • 1 Month Session $250
    This session covers:
  • Budget & Save
  • Financial Goals
  • Career/Entrepreneurship
  • Like a caterpillar goes through it's process before it becomes a butterfly or a flower bud to blossom, a young girl will be able to discover, implement and progress on a path towards the success she desires.

    How It All Works!

    The program is quarterly- 3 months, 2 times a week with unlimited support throughout the duration of the program. 

    Each month introduces a new discussion guided by her Mentor via video chat. A 1:1 session involves a curriculum review, discuss weekly goals, progress, and reflect. She will also have the opportunity to attend the group sessions monitored by the program director once a week to encourage peer support and healthy social skills.

    At the end of each quarter are graduations where she will receive formal acknowledgement of her dedicated efforts and growth in completing the program, a certificate of completion and a special gift from the founder.

    Quarterly program care packages are included: 

    • Exclusive Relevaid Workbook with inspiring quote designs by Reiah LeachBranded T-Shirt
    • Branded Grab Bag filled with a journaling kit
    • A Free Laptop for approved applicants
      AND MORE!