We Are...

a dedicated resourceful practice primarily focused on the betterment of each client we serve, accomplishing long term results, than an isolated approach that can potentially lead to a short term outcome.

"Helping You To Focus Forward & Not On What You See In The Rearview Mirror of Your Life."

The Mission

To promote positive change for women and young girls in the Behavioral Health Community through services that support their dreams and goals.

"Every Successful Person Has Had Someone To Help Them Along Their Way"
-Author, Unknown


In-Person & Online Programs & Services

Uniquely designed to nurture your potential, engage to connect to establish trust and support your feelings so that you can have the courage needed to achieve the next level of success for your life.

 Providing resources and support group programs so that they can courageously face challenges of life and build confidence to fulfill their potential and reach their goals.

Program Care Packages

Our complimentary care packages are vital in affirming the global objective of making a positive, lasting impact in the lives we are dedicated to serve.

"It's a beautiful thing to see that you are uplifting and encouraging other women, other women of color, women in the african american community, especially those who have been facing different kinds of struggles and they have to face them on their own. it's nice to see that there is someone else who is doing this. I don't think that there could ever be enough because this is important to us."
- Dr. flavia desouza, md, mhs