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Leading Ladies To Live - Outpatient Treatment Counseling Center

Behavioral Peer Support Group for Youth Girls

This 12-week in-person OR Virtual Group coaching program offers young girls ages 7 through 16 a fun and empowering environment to make friends, face fears, and build self-esteem.

S.H.E.Is Personal Development Program

- to connect, establish trust, and support her feelings to help her build the courage needed to sustain a healthy, successful lifestyle. SHE.I.S.

She.I.S. is uniquely structured to help you breakthrough the struggle of finding joy in your new normal. Change can be very challenging especially facing it alone. But acknowledge you are here because you have proven you can commit, you can change your ways and you can positively advance in life.

With this prominent resource in place, Ladies who complete our She.I.S. personal development program are sure to be on a path to purposeful living. As they progress to complete the program, they will be able to see themselves evolving as a confident, successful Woman who has the ability to continue to make positive contributions in themselves, their families & society.

Leading Ladies To Live - Upliv't Program

Through our Upliv't program we are able to empower Women financially by providing monetary awards to assist Women in times of crisis, financial crisis and or traumatic situations or worthy celebratory accomplishments. Such as:

-College Graduates
-First Time Mommies
-Unexpected Bills/Fees; Court Fees etc.

"Because Life Is Better When You Have The Help You Need"

For More Info On How To Apply: send an email to
SUBJECT-Upliv't Program

- To help one to rise up from one position to the next.

For Young Girls Age 7-16

An online behavioral health care mentoring service to help young girls receive the resources and support for the trauma and challenges they may experience in their lives.

RelevaidTo the Parent(s)/Guardian(s), is designed to be that supportive helping hand. For the child, a fun and active way to communicate, provide guidance for her young mind so that she receives encouragement to focus on her goal(s) and dreams, in spite of the uncertainties of life and the unfortunate reality of COVID-19 interrupting her daily social routine.

A space to connect, share and let down your hair in a safe-supportive environment.

For the Everyday, Today's Women!

Did you know that signs of suicide intent include apathy/social withdraw, feelings of worthlessness? We tend to hold in our feelings or create an internal wall to store our emotions out of fear from appearing to be weak in front of our family job, coworkers, spouse or relatives. Listen, even if you have moments where you are feeling alone… Let’s talk about it, work through it and get empowered to overcome situations together.

To enhance the mentoring experience, we believe that great impact and change is most effective when you are equipped with applicable tools and resources. It is our standard that these Ladies, young and old, receive one of our complimentary care packages. These care packages are vital in affirming the global perspective of Leading Ladies to Live.

Help us change the lives of  women  and young girls who need your support and encouragement to achieve their goals towards a better life.